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the whole day was spent horizontal

I have a friend, hes ageless and a professional raver, hes German and hes very efficient. In part I blame him for my first ever omission of the daily video.

He took Chris and I to a dark archway south of the river where we outlasted everyone and pulsated to techno till 8 am today. Despite the fact that im disabled and chris twisted his ankle on a glass bottle we managed to egg on the crowd with some badly synchronised dancing on the stage behind berghaim legend Stephan.  It is not often that i go to raves. About once every 2 years.

There are no working muscles in my body, I will instead present you with footage of the rave tomorrow and leave you with an image of me in a ball pool at the Macbeth Chapel Perilous

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  1. Rave on queen Taxidermia! Wish i'd have been there - instead I stayed in and watched horror movies... Kinkadrome coming soooooooon! X


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