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ive got no idea why im all sped up like a wound up bunny. this is my third attempt to upload. not even the versaion I wanted to show, But Tom Robinson would say, show it in its original shambolic state so there you go.

The Lone Taxidermist presents Bijoux Boy

The hardest project I ever did and equally the most rewarding is the film Bijoux Boy. for my band The Lone Taxidermist.

The Lone Taxidermist presents a world manifested from surreal imagery and a dazzling Boy she has dreamed up. His beauty is transient, like that of Dorian Gray. He is nothing more than her own glittering fantasy. As the music groans and bellows the Lone Taxidermist rises and falls over the glittering jewel, wooing him, her medusa like movements are erratic yet enticing. Ultimately her dreams escape her as she ends up crushing her own fantasy.

Natalie worked with a strong creative team to devise the unique surreal imagery of the video.

working alongside co director Umut Gunduz, associate producer Christopher Kelly, Cinematographer Laura Bellingham, editor Tom Werber and inspirational model Leo Cohen.

The concept was to create a film for music, rather than a video. Natalie Sharp the Creator of the film took reference from Rene Magritte, Maya Deren and combined surrealism with her unique interpretation of beauty.

This is the first feature music video for The Lone Taxidermists debut Album, which she hopes to follow up with a sequel

A day in the company of Brighton

A whimsy day in Brighton. It's a 45 minute journey from London and small enough to see everything.
Music: PJ Harvey - this glorious land

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Ain't no rain going to stop the garden party!

I had an extreme garden planting session over the last 3 days. Peonies, poppies, herbs, veg roses. What better way to celebrate than invite some friends to enjoy the fauna. However the heavens opened and never closed . So the cold meats and shmorgusboard were served in a Dry kitchen. Music: how it ends - Devotcka

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Location:Not the Garden

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