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Heres a bit about the Lone Taxidermist sound...

The Lone Taxidermist

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The Lone Taxidermist plays with the macabre and gothic to create a disturbed beauty that exists in the darkest spaces of our minds. This one woman band comprises of saws, organs, bells, broken strings, old blues howling and an exquisite voice.  The sound teeters on the edge of something beautiful and terrifying.
That void where pleasure and pain mingle, tantalizing the ears.

Natalie Sharp cut her teeth as the lead Singer songwriter of the very popular and successful Manchester band The Bottomfeeders. But The Bottomfeeders are now dead.

Having already supported her hero Thomas Truax, as well as Beirut, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and Wildbirds and peacedrums, Natalie's reputation as an emerging and uncompromising soloist is growing rapidly across London and the UK.

Natalie's background in fashion and the visual arts infuses itself into each performance, ensuring there is something for the eyes as well as the ears. She is doing something truly unique and possesses a voice, which could raise the dead.

The Lone Taxidermist is being celebrated and exposed by the Likes of Ruth Barnes at BBC 6 Music, the muso nerds behind The Quietus,  the Pagan folk band Tunng  and Specials Frontman Terry Hall.

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